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Once Upon a Time: Mr Gold

The fourth piece of my Once Upon a Time series depicts Mr Gold, the earthy form of Rumple, the Dark One. Remember, with these poster pairs, I simulate the style of magazine photos.

Below you can check the poster pair, the first time together:

I like this character a lot: his background, his flaws and virtues. Remember:

Every magic comes with a price, deary!

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Four years passed…

… since the last picture update on this site. During this time, I learnt a lot and widened the range of my topics as you will see soon.

Four years ago, I posted a non-Star Wars picture: a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows poster (to which I will upload a description next week). Today, I post another non-Star Wars work: a character poster from ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

I am amazed by the elegant interlocking of two worlds in Once Upon a Time: the mundane one and the real, magical one. Right after watching the first few episodes I decided to create a number of character posters. The first piece is Rumplestiltskin. And be sure, deary, more will follow…