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Disney Week! – a New Tangled Poster

5 years ago, Disney’s Tangled premiered in the U.S. To celebrate this wonderful movie, I created a Rapunzel character poster. Let’s see the light!

As Ed Catmull wrote in his amazing book Creativity, Inc., Tangled project was cancelled at Disney just one week before he and John Lasseter from Pixar became the new leaders of Disney Animation. Thanks to them, the movie was restarted. After many years, Disney started to produce extraordinary things – again.

This will be a Disney week – check back later for another Disney piece!

Fantasia 2000

This update was inspired by the last chapter of Fantasia 2000, Disney’s wonderful experiment with short animated stories composed for classical music.

Fantasia 2000 has seven segments; the last one is designed around Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite and tells the story of a Spring Sprite and her friend, an elk – and the sinister spirit of a volcano. As the introduction of the piece says, this is

a magical story about life, death and renewal.

If you have not seen Firebird Suite already I think you should watch this masterpiece. I found only a low-resolution version on YouTube but it is worth to get a perfect one (e. g. from Amazon).