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“Art is gone” – an interview with Drew Struzan

Ten Minute Interviews had an e-mail conversation with Drew Struzan, creator of the Star Wars episode posters, the poster for the first Harry Potter movie, Back to the Future I-III, Indiana Jones and many, many other movies. He talks about his past, his inspirations and artistic style, the recent trends in poster design and the place of art in the world. Here are some excerpts from the interview:


“I love the Impressionists for their color. I like color. I want my paintings to be beautiful. I like strong composition. It gives power to a piece. I learned from Cezanne and Degas. I love quality art. I think art has the power to make the world a more beautiful, happier, loving place. I picked up style and techniques from those who have done the very best throughout history.”

“Mel Brooks told me “the movie poster is an invitation to go see the movie.” It is to excite you, show you something that interests you and makes you curious as to what the story behind it is about.”


“I’m trying to give back to the director what he’s been trying to give to us. I do that in one image.”


“There is no movie poster industry. It’s all done on computers, directed by business men. It’s become an industry that’s been given over to businesses rather than artists. Art is gone.”

You can read the full interview here!