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New section: Other Posters

I activated a section for my non-Star Wars related works: Avatar, Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time at the moment. The pictures have short descriptions, too. (Detailed analyses will come later.)


I continuously work on the short descriptions in the Star Wars galleries – Saga poster, Episode posters and many Selected posters are ready.

Status update

Finally, I had some time to work on the new site. A short status update: most of the galleries are working. You can see and download a selection of my posters, including the Saga Poster. The entire picture collection can be found in The Archives.

I also uploaded the short story of the Guinness World Record in London.

I plan to upload descriptions for some (or most) of my posters. You will be able to read them in the galleries. I also plan another gallery containing my non-Star Wars artworks.

And there will be new pictures, of course. I will upload them periodically, after I finish all the static contents.