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My old site was launched in 2005 and it served more than 70 million unique visitors over the years. More than 3000 accolades proved that Star Wars fans liked what I did there. However, the site became inactive mid-2011 due to many reasons.

But times are changing. New Star Wars movies are on their way and I also created some interesting designs in the past years. Now I decided to galvanize life into and I think the old site deserves some rest. Henceforth it will be called

The Archives

and it will store hundreds of my Star Wars-themed posters and walllpapers. This site will not be updated anymore. All my new designs will appear on the new site. However, some of the archive content (e.g. my favorite posters, picture analyses etc.) will be published again, sometimes in a different way.

I hope you will enjoy the time travel.



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