Doctor Who?

Doctor Who Series 9 arrives today and I thought it is time to look back at the Eleventh Doctor’s farewell. This is one of my favorite portraits.

It was a cold and beautiful January night when I created the first version of this poster. I was in such a flow I did many posters that night. A few days after watching his regeneration, I said farewell to my Doctor, the first Doctor this face saw, in my way. Although I was somewhat disappointed with his latest adventures, Series 5, my first Doctor Who series is still my favorite. (The best Doctor theme also belongs to him.) It is a door to beautiful, endless possibilities – like a TARDIS. Great scripts, great acting and good effects – the best drama series for a sci-fi fan.

In Series 7 Part 2 the Doctor seemed a bit tired, at least for me. When it came to his farewell, I felt it is time: Matt Smith did a wonderful job, created the best Doctor in my opinion and now he has to pass on his role. As Steven Moffat wrote for him in his rushed final episode, The Time of the Doctor:

“We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me.”

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