Stardust: A Rogue One piece

This is my first piece about Rogue One. A silent poster about the last peaceful moments of Jedha City, before the total eclipse and destruction.

This was one of the most powerful scenes in the movie. When I first saw the ‘eclipse with creepy green laser’ scene at the premiere I immediately felt the creators found the perfect shot for that event.


Therefore, I had to find another perfect shot for this scene, to show it from a different perspective. Literally, because I decided to picture it with a close-up of Jedha City before the fire, at a partial eclipse stage and foreboding colors. If you look at the poster you might feel you have seen this (or almost this) shot in the movie – but you did not. It is just the feeling.

Star Wars: Old Hope

Yesterday was the first day of Star Wars Celebration – it was so amazing! I met Gareth Edwards, director of Rogue One and the panels I attended were very exciting. Met a lot of artists and bought a lot of books.

To get to the point quickly because I am really tired, my new picture is dedicated to the old trio, Leia, Han and Luke as they appear in The Force Awakens.

I hope you like its mood – I became a fan of this one. :-) 

If you want to meet me at Star Wars Celebration Europe just let me know. And don’t forget to collect my bookmark!


My works at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016


Are you coming to Celebration Europe? If yes check Booth S336 where Teekay-421, the Belgian Star Wars Fan Club presents two of my works, Crush The Resistance and Join The Resistance on roll-ups. And don’t forget to collect our giveaway item, a bookmark I designed especially for Celebration Europe. Come and get one!Bookmark_Ad_SimonZ_Teekay_1000x1000I will participate on all three days of Celebration. If you would like to meet me drop me a line to or @SWSimonZ on Twitter!


The Force Awakens: Join The Resistance

My newest picture is called Join The Resistance.

It is more calm and peaceful than the intentionally chaotic, more dynamic Crush The Resistance:

Crush The Resistance was recently published on the back cover of TeeKay-421 but this is not its only appearance: Celebration Europe 2016 will launch in a month and on July 15th, Crush and Join the Resistance both will be presented at the booth of TeeKay-421, the Belgian Star Wars Fan Club. If you will be there, come and check the pictures!

Finally, here is the wallpaper version of them together:

A Star Wars Concert Poster

My newest piece is an event poster for Pomáz Wind Orchestra – I have a long-time, fruitful relationship with them.

This concert will be a symphony of Star Wars pieces including Jedi Steps and Rey’s Theme from The Force Awakens. As part of the additional programs, I will have an exhibition in the concert hall. more details later…

By the way, did I mention that I am open for commissions? I do personal pieces as well as event posters or product packaging – check my site if you want to see what I can do and let me know what you want!

Star Wars: Anakin’s Choices II

This update is the second part of my Choices series.

The first part was about Anakin’s decision between the Sith and Jedi way. This one shows how the dark side of the Force and the war destroys the values of peace and love.

The picture is a tribute to John Alvin and his masterful artworks.

Star Wars and Other Art by SimonZ